In the case of migration agents, the Code of Conduct is intended to regulate professional behaviour. Registered migration agents are required by law to comply with the Code of Conduct. 
The Code of Conduct is a means of enforcing an ethical standard on the profession to prevent poor or misleading advice being given to people who may be vulnerable for a variety of reasons, and it has the force of law. It sets standards against which the behaviour of migration agents can be measured. 
The Code must be displayed prominently in a Migration Agent’s office and in the reception area.

There are several benefits: 
• The Code clearly identifies the professional standards that clients should

expect when they visit a registered migration agent. 
• The Code identifies how a client can make a complaint to the MARA if the standards

they encounter are outside the Code of Conduct. 
• The Code acts as a reminder to clients and agents that a professional task is being performed



• Maintain confidentiality 
• Outline the services to be provided at the start of the relationship and agree on the services 
• Indicate the fees 
• Provide clients with contact details 
• Provide copies of the application and related documents if requested.

   (A reasonable fee may be charged for these) 
• Do not lodge false or misleading applications 
• Ensure an interpreter is available as necessary 
• Have a copy of the Code of Conduct on display and available 
• Embody the letter and the spirit of the Code at all times 

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